About Me

What has led me on the path of becoming an End-of-Life Doula? Just like everyone, I had multiple personal experiences with death. Some were very traumatic and some very beautiful. Either way, I was attempting to make very important decisions when I was in such an emotional place. Grief influenced my decisions. Struggling with what I wanted over the desires of my loved ones. Having the conversations or access to the

 information related to end-of-life would have been so important in guiding those decisions. Having support during such an emotional time to help me process what was happening and needed is just as valuable.  It was also challenging, as many are very uncomfortable discussing details surrounding end-of-life.  

I wondered what it would look like if individuals had access to a consistent support person to help them navigate through end-of-life related issues? What would be done differently when you know the end is near and plans need to be created with that support? 

I started to share my passion with those close to me and I started getting tagged in a video on Facebook. After the third time being tagged, I finally decided to watched the video. It captured what I had been saying and wanted to do it without hesitation.  After doing some research, wondering if this was actually real, I decided to pursue formal training with Lifespan Doula Association in Ann Arbor, Michigan. One of the biggest factors that influenced me to choose this program was the doula model of care. It is a holistic approach which includes respects and honoring the client and value of the support person.  This creates an approach that it is not about me, but the person and their loved ones. Prior to this journey I have been doing community education about the value of life insurance, the need for advance directives, and how to share important information with loved ones in case of a medical emergency or death. I have embraced the fact death gives me life. 

I am registered nurse by profession who has passion for reducing the stigma surrounding end-of-life (or the challenging term death) advocating for and supporting an individual's right to have quality of life until the end. 

Related experience or membership

11 years experience as a registered nurse 

Formal end-of-Life Doula training and member with Lifespan Doula Association (2018)

Advance Care Planning Facilitator (2018)

National Home Funeral Alliance (member)

Death Cafe Affiliate